Never be left digging for a pedigree again.
Keeping an eye on record keeping. To ensure no more lost pedigrees.
Any discipline.
Any breed.
Even down to the youngest of prospects.

The All-Sim Pedigree Database is a resource that the Sim community has long been in need of. It's a valuable research tool that any member can find useful.

About All-Sim Pedigree Database

The All-Sim Pedigree Database (ASP) was started by Tessa of Southern Acres Inc. and Ashlee of Fiesta Stock Horses in June of 2013. After some discussion with other All-Sim participants it was recognized that the Sim community as a whole was in dire need of centralized pedigree database, much like the frequently used All Breed Pedigree. In collaboration with Ashlee of Fiesta Stock Horses the All-Sim Pedigree Database quickly came to fruition for all to use.

Rules of Use

Please note, that in order to allow everyone usage of the All-Sim Pedigree Database it is important to institute rules. It is important that all users follow these rules, as breaking of them could make adding and modifying only available to the administrators.

By not following these simple guidelines you may find yourself banned from using and accessing the All-Sim Pedigree Database. Honesty is the best policy and we will not tolerate ownership disputes or blatant disregard for registration procedures. If you are unsure about whether you can register a horse or are unsure about how to register a horse contact an administrator before attempting to register.