NDC Solero

Lovisedals Distater D8 Think 4 Yourself Edgardales Friendship
Diploma (87.08%)
Kourus Zenze 4 Dare
Svartbäcks Lindyhop Master
Svartbäcks Teide
Luna's Elaiza Bredlöfs Warrion Af Chapman 757
Puma's Luminé
Victoria I Corrado II
Kastanie IV
Real Lines

Basic Inspection Results

NDC Solero completed their basic inspection on 03-14-2016. They passed with a percentage of 67.50%, earning the award of CLASS IV.


Mouth: 8/10
Head: 6/10
Throatlatch: 6/10
Neck: 8/10
Shoulder: 8/10
Back: 8/10
Loins: 5/10
Croup: 7/10
Balance of Body: 5/10
Frontlegs: 7/10
Hindlegs: 7/10
Pasterns: 8/10
Hooves: 7/10
Correctness of Legs: 7/10
Substance of Legs: 8/10

Correctness of Gaits: 7/10
Impulsion of Gaits: 8/10
Balance of Gaits: 8/10
Length of Stride: 8/10
Movement at Liberty: 7/10


Character: 7/10
Presence: 5/10
Overall condition at turnout: 7/10
Overall impression: 6/10


Total: 162/240 (67.50%)

Progeny Record

There are 3 foals on the ground produced by NDC Solero.

Name Basic States Owner Rating
USA Skywalker2000 Dark Bay Swedish Warmblood StallionMalin of Norrby GårdDiploma
USA Saturnus2005 Gray Swedish Warmblood Stallionnoma of USA
Legolas von Waagendorf2007 Chestnut Swedish Warmblood GeldingColor of WaagendorfClass I