*BT Emilacj

*Census Gennesis *Mellon
EW Rema
Zamiana Borek
BT Erykah Atticus Monogramm
Farion Rafaar Aloes
Wielka Danata

Basic Inspection Results

*BT Emilacj completed their basic inspection on 03-12-2016. They passed with a percentage of 79.17%, earning the award of CLASS II.


Mouth: 8/10
Head: 10/10
Throatlatch: 8/10
Neck: 7/10
Shoulder: 7/10
Back: 9/10
Loins: 9/10
Croup: 10/10
Balance of Body: 8/10
Frontlegs: 9/10
Hindlegs: 9/10
Pasterns: 9/10
Hooves: 7/10
Correctness of Legs: 7/10
Substance of Legs: 7/10

Correctness of Gaits: 10/10
Impulsion of Gaits: 7/10
Balance of Gaits: 8/10
Length of Stride: 8/10
Movement at Liberty: 7/10


Character: 10/10
Presence: 7/10
Overall condition at turnout: 10/10
Overall impression: 9/10


Total: 190/240 (79.17%)

Progeny Record

There are 2 foals on the ground produced by *BT Emilacj.

Name Basic States Owner Rating
Carnival Of Rust D1998 Grey Polish Arabian StallionSanna of Dahabu ArabiansClass III
Dahabu Edyta2008 Bay Polish Arabian MareSanna of Dahabu Arabians