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You may search as many or as little options as you wish. Searches are not exact, so if you enter Whiz into the Horse Name field it will come back with every horse that has the word Whiz in its name. However if you search Jac Whiz It it will only come back with horses that have those exact words, in that exact order in their name.

In addition, the Genetics option is case sensitive. So, you may search for all horses homozygous for Extension by entering EE. In this case, it will only return those horses. You may search for all horses that are double dilute by entering CrCr. You may of course enter more complicated strings as well. Entering EE/Aa/nCr will return all Buckskin horses that are homozygous for Extension but heterozygous for Agouti. Note that some people may enter their horses' genetics differently so you may want to tinker with the order of your genes when doing highly specific searches. Also remember, entering the genetics of a horse is optional. You may wish to search just via color field as well, when searching for horses of a specific color.

And lastly, the Search Whole Pedigree option will search the whole 3-generation pedigree of a horse for the string you enter. Perfect if you want to see all of the horses in the database that go back to a specific horse!